Garden Lovers Unite: Nature-Inspired Wedding Decor

Wednesday, March, 3 2016

It was a trend last season and it’s still going strong in 2016, for good reason! We love nature-inspired wedding decor and how it perfectly complements outdoor weddings under Sperry Tents. There are so many different ways to celebrate nature and gardens in your wedding reception that this blog post is just a taste…enjoy!

POTTED PLANTS - place them throughout the marquee, on the ground next to perimeter poles or on buffet tables, etc. They are more rustic in feel than a cut arrangement and - bonus! - last much longer than just the one night. Tiny ones make for adorable take-home escort cards.

FOUND OBJECTS - use rocks, shells or just single picked blooms to decorate.

BAKED BLOOMS - flowers have long been favorite cake decoration items, but if you truly want to ramp up the "nature" effect, opt for larger, more lifelike blooms. Or have your baker “paint” a floral design onto your cake (a watercolor effect is intriguing). For a more woodsy feel, try tree bark - or decorate a simple white fondant tiered cake with real lavender, ivy, garden roses or other greenery.

BEYOND BEIGE - green and beige are a fun color pairing but beige is a little tricky to implement properly without washing out the event space. To avoid beige overkill, choose elements that infuse your marquee decor with a variety of textures, from an upholstered sofa to a burlap runner.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT - food is a big part of your wedding, and its presentation has a big impact on your reception feel. Look for a caterer who specializes in either smoked/barbeque fare or farm-to-table menus (raw bars by seafood companies have a nice earthy look, too!). Then encourage the use of natural materials in serving accessories - think wood cutting boards, wood serving utensils, iron tubs and wire baskets. Bowls of whole strawberries or other fruit are visually striking and give off a “just-picked” vibe.

SWEET SEATS - garden furniture, like an iron cafe table with chairs, adds a custom touch to your reception setup and creates unique seating destinations for guests. Other “lounge” options include wicker furniture, Adirondack chairs or simple wood benches. Even hammocks work!

LIGHTEN UP - Use a variety of lanterns in and around the marquee to create a party mood. Hang them on shepherds hooks, line a walkway or string them from trees or along an accommodating porch. Landscape uplighting adds wonderful drama and draws attention to surrounding gardens and trees well into the night.

Photography by Mallory and Erin McGinn Photography.

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