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About Sperry Tents South West

Steve Sperry, Founder

Steve Sperry, Sperry Tents founder

The first-ever Sperry Tent was made by Steve Sperry, an accomplished sailmaker and owner of Sperry Sails in coastal Massachusetts, U.S.A.

One day, Steve used the tools of his trade – durable sailcloth, Dacron, nylon line, stainless steel grommets – to create a marquee. He even formed the canopy’s support poles himself at the sawmill on his own property. He topped his design with a pennant flag made from spinnaker cloth to catch the wind.

Steve’s creation was just for fun, a whimsical invention for a practical cause: to keep guests comfortable at a neighborhood party. But quite unknowingly, he had actually created the most elegant tent the event industry had ever seen.

The beauty of this initial marquee caught people’s eye, and as demand grew, Steve and his crew at Sperry Sails continued making marquees in different shapes and sizes and renting them locally throughout New England. Now there are over 40 licensed providers of Sperry Tents around the world, proving the brand’s popularity and endurance. Hawaii, Napa Valley, Texas, Miami, Hilton Head, The Hamptons, Cape Cod, Nantucket, Colombia, Bermuda, Belgium, France, Australia, New Zealand, and more luxury wedding destinations all have the choice of Sperry Tents.

Sperry Tents South West

Founded in 2015 by Director Tim Francis, Sperry Tents South West is the exclusive provider of Sperry Tents to the UK’s South West region, including Cornwall, Dorset, Devon, Somerset, and the Isle of Wight.

We specialize in the larger bones of a wedding, starting with our Sperry Tents, which are the only marquees for hire crafted from genuine sailcloth available in the UK. We also provide lighting, matte flooring, pine dance floors, custom oak bars, and ceremony seating.

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