Manufactured from genuine sailcloth by New England-based sailmakers, Sperry Tents - England's most elegant available marquee for hire - are in demand by the UK's foremost event planners and caterers due to their exquisite detailing, impressive silhouettes and elegant look, inside and out. Sperry Tents South West is making these coveted marquees available across South West England, including Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset and the Isle of Wight.

Besides marquees for hire, Sperry Tents South West also provides dance floors, band stages, lighting and a variety of accessories to fully complete your dream outdoor wedding or event. View our available products below or contact us for a complimentary estimate.

Marquee for Hire / Pole Tents

Sperry Tents are immediately recognizable for their genuine sailcloth canopies, solid wood support poles, and nautical embellishments.


Stay classic or get creative with our lighting options, which include copper onion lanterns, Asian lanterns, and bistro strings.


Dance the night away on our solid-wood dance floor or consider a fully floored tent for optimum guest comfort.


Achieve outdoor event perfection with our practical accessories, from tent sides to covered walkways to generators.

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