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10m Round Marquee by Sperry

One of the workhorses of our 10 m-wide series, the 10 m Round (32’ Round) is commonly used for small parties. This tent is requested for graduation parties, birthdays, bridal and baby showers, cocktail parties, community events, and fundraisers. It fits nicely into even modest gardens and provides just enough shade to keep guests comfortable.

Just like all of our hand-sewn Sperry Tents, the 10 m Round (32’ Round) is crafted from genuine and durable ivory sailcloth. It has a soft, natural look and is translucent to event lighting, producing that trademark #sperryglow when day turns into evening.

Tent Details

Area: 74 sq m (804 sq ft)
Perimeter: 31 m (100 ft)
Seated Guests: 30-50
Non-Seated Guests: 80

Photo Gallery

Sample Layout A

  • Seating for 40 Guests
  • (1) 8’ Bar/Buffet

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